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      1.5K EUR / sq.m.
     Bulgaria, Burgas
     Apartment block in the gr. Tsarevo, Burgas region.
     Stage: The project is ready. It contains apartments, underground parking, luxury SPA center, swimming pool, restaurant and cafe-bar.
     Duration - 2 years.
     Tsarevo municipality is located in south-eastern Bulgaria, and is located 60 km. south of Burgas on the international highway E-87 on the border with Turkey.
     The topography and natural resources - a unique combination of sea, mountains and rivers with exotic vegetation and diverse world of animals - red deer, wild boar, jackal, fox, wolf.
     Natural remarkable and reserves - Natural Park "Strandzha" with an area of 377.5 sq km. The oldest reserves in Bulgaria - Silkosiya, Tisovitsa ". Protected areas - "Silistar, Ustye r. Veleka "declared such in order to preserve the typical landscape of coastal areas, rock formations and the fiord, specific transitional Mediterranean vegetation and rich fauna.
     Tourism - strukturoopredelyayuschyaya industry opportunities identification, eco-and ethno-tourism, yachting, photo and hobby, hunting, sports and underwater fishing. Holiday complexes - Losenets, camping "Atliman," "South", "Oasis", "Arap", "Nestinarka.
     Plot - the subject of our proposal - is on the southern slope of m. "Popski PLAGE between camping" Arap "and g. Tsarevo with the output (48 m) to the bank (first line). Nedazheko is Pine Grove.
     Degree Completion:
     - The walls and ceiling - latex sheet - Spanish ceramics;
     - Air-conditioning in all apartments;
     - Bathrooms (half - terakota walls - faience, san.keramika (washbasin, shower tray, wc);
     - Kitchen - complete with cabinets, sink and stove;
     - Vertical design - swimming pools (large and children), Jacuzzi;
     - Parking and approaches to the underground garage;
     - With a cafe, restaurant, fitness and SPA-center.
     Block B, Cat + / -0.00 - studio with 1B to 8B (incl.) - price 1400 EUR/m2
     Block A, cat +2.82 - studio with 1A to 9A (incl.) - price 1400 EUR/m2
     Block B, Cat +2.82 - Ap. with 9B to 17B (including) - the price of 1500 EUR/m2
     Block A, cat +5.64 - Ap. from 10A to 18A (incl.) - price 1600 EUR/m2
     Block B, Cat +5.64 - Ap. from 18B to 25B (including) - the price of 1700 EUR/m2
     Block A, cat +8.46 - Ap. from 19A to 27A (incl.) - price 1800 EUR/m2
     Block B, Cat +8.46 - Ap. from 26B to 31B (including) - the price of 1900 EUR/m2
     Block A, cat +11.28 - Ap. from 28A to 34A (incl.) - price 1900 EUR/m2
     * Prices are quoted without VAT and without fee.
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