Properties in Russia - Сottages
N 3645 Contact information: +7 903 7967498
     Cottage, Kiev Rd 15 km
     650K USD 
     240 sq.m. (pl.)
     16 h.sq.m. (site)
     Russia, Moscow region
     c. Penino
     A cottage for sale on the 12 sotok
     with the possibility of extension for another 2 sotki.
     House of penoblokov, plastered and painted.
     The foundation - concrete slab 25 cm without a basement.
     The size of the house 10H12 meters
     from the road - an open porch 2x2, 5 m
     On the other hand - an open veranda 2.5 H4 m.
     On the proburena hole 41 meters with the introduction of water into the house,
     Of the home bred sewer in the septic pit (8 rings)
     The windows with plastic PVC Windows,
     Level 1 installed roll-shutters.
     The metal front door "Multilok."
     A fireplace, made cellar for the installation of gas equipment with a separate chimney.
     Interior has not occurred, made razvodka wires on the floor.
     Electricity 3 phase, the meter is installed on a column (SNT requiring).
     Documents for underwater gas is harmonization.
     Travel to Kiev and Kaluga road. From Moscow 15-17 km.
     Walks bus from the south-western or heat the camp.
     Bargain appropriate.


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